In 1988, the director Philippe Riou and the actress Christine Bernard set up The Passengers Company. Their aim: to explore urban places, to take over public spaces, parks, squares, historical monuments, industrial waste lands… giving birth to various types of spectacle.


Little by little, Philippe Riou leads the company towards the creation of a theatrical, choreographic and pictorial universe, on a vertical stage. Scaffolding, pyramids, cables, ropes, and nets make up the scenic structure of this original work, urban architecture lending itself to its own evolution.

The twenty artists who join the company have come from different disciplines: theatre, dance, acrobatics, music, and the plastic arts. Together, they attract the gaze of the public, making them lift their heads, and open their eyes to a new spectacular dimension, into a vertical world.

Having occupied various hangars or disused factories, at the moment Les Passagers carry on their work throughout the year in the industrial place of Seine et Marne near Paris. Pooling their experience and their specialities, the artists train each other in their technique, allowing them to enrich their contribution to the production of shows.

Les Passagers fly off next, on tour to European towns and capitals, and even further, to Brazil, the United States, Russia, Asia…

The company is registered by the DRAC Ile-de-France.
All creations of the company have been made with the partnership of Seigneurie (painting), Layher (scaffolding) and Réro.

The Passagers Company are:

Eryck ABECASSIS, Alexandre ACCORSSI, Fabio BARAD, Christine BERNARD, Garance BONNO-DUGOR, Sandrine BOUTTE, Magali BRITTO, Paul CANESTRARO, Anne CHARPENTIER, Xavier COCHETON, Amandine ETELAGE, Angèle FONTAINE, Emilien GARNIER, Stella GATON, Mai ISHIWATA, Clément LEDISQUAY, Gregory LIMA, Céline MANSOUR, Julien MARCHAL, Emilie MARTINEZ, Heleno Pedroso PEREIRA, Gabriel PERNIA, Brice PORQUET, Francesco POZZI, Johanna REBOLLEDO, Philippe RIOU, Bérangère ROUSSEL, Billy TRAN.

Have appeared in Passagers Company' shows:

Valérie ATIENZ, Virginie AVOT, Bernard BARBIER, Mathurin BAUDET, Roland BONTAZ, Jean-Philippe BOULE, Pierre-Jean BREAUD, Yvan BRINGARD, Marco CARRARA , Corinne CHACHAY, Olivier CHESNOY, Ariadna Gilabert COROMINAS, Paola COSTA-REGO, Karine DUFFY, Guillaume DUMORA, OLIVIER DUVAULT, Hanna FELDHAUS, Patrick FRAPEAU, Lisa FUCHS, Virginie GEFFROY, Anne-Lise GODBILLE, Michael GODBILLE, Sylvie HEYMANS, Jean-René JALENQUES, Iskander KADDOUR, Emmanuel MACAU, Jen MACAVINTA , Frédéric NOGUER, Marie-Pierre PIRSON, Olivier PRUNIERES, Laurent RENAUD, Wouter ROOZEMOND, Patricia RUBINSTEIN, Lucie RUTSAERT, Pierre SERAPHIN, Christophe SOLA, Charlotte SPIRE, Mickael VESSEREAU, Nathalie VINCENT.

Director, staging:
Assistant staging:
Assistant director :

Philippe RIOU
Christine BERNARD