The Passengers Company can provide an artistic quality to your commemorative, festive or promotional events. Different types of choreographic and/or plastic interventions are possible to enhance a place or a concept.


Vertical Dance:

Vers le haut 
Short dance pieces from 5 to 15 minutes, performable inside or outside, on façades, bridges, cranes, trees, footbridges… and working in duo, quartet, quintet etc.. Exploration of architecture through its connection with human beings, little forms woven in weightlessness contribute to the promotion of a place or an event, captivating the gaze of the spectators.
Artistic, aesthetic or poetic evocations, they present a time suspended in the middle of events of greater or less great importance.

Vertical Sport:

> Rugby match on a vertical stage (Building of 22 meters high, at Opéra place, Paris, 2006) with 12 artists > "Vertical football" , on the same concept. 

Painting and Dance:

On the principle of a canvas stretched and adapted to the dimensions of a wall, inside or outside, a fresco can be produced from a chosen theme, and a pre-defined schedule. 

* Monaco
On 2 days and half, 8 canvas succeded one another: Alternation of canvas painted in live by the artists of the company and other canvas choosen by the backer (SCOR) on the same theme of the paintings. Big final the last night with aerial dance performances 

19 artists + 3 technicians + 1DJ 
2 painting acts of 1h30 
Final dance and painting “free style”: 2h30 

* DALI Night
in Figueras, 2 canvases stretched on the walls of Castel Sant Ferran allow the production in 8 minutes of fresco-homages to Salvador Dali!
>2 PVC canvases 9m x 9m, 16 performers

* Piece of Art for Red Cross
in Monaco, 4 hours 30 minutes, in two acts, for the execution of a fresco 22m in height and 12m in width, lasting the whole evening. >PVC, 16 performers These productions are accompanied

Vertical theater:

The artists perform in a vertical world... 

* Nuit Blanche 
During the big event "Nuit Blanche" in Paris, the artists had a vertical live time play mixing dance with poetic acting on the Les Lilas Townhall façade. 
> 6 performers

* Graphic installation Oraïto for LG 
During the big contemporary event "la FIAC", at Porte de Versailles in Paris, the artists had a vertical live time play in this very modern flat specially furnished by the famous designer Oraïto. 
> PVC and furnitures, 8 artists per set

* I'm flying... me too
For the big cultural event in Seoul (Korea) : re-opening of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in 2004, our company was chosen to create a special show performing from the top of the theater, in the air.
> 12 artists per set

* Vertical Fashion Show
To celebrate fashion events (for Dolce e Gabbana & Exte), the artists performed a vertical walk and dance in Athens (Greece) & Milano (Italy).
> up to 20 artists per set