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  The upside down World

Contemporary adaptation of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, "Recif" is meant to be a poetic allusion to two sides of the same world, heaven and hell.


Combining the experiences of his previous shows, Philippe Riou devises a vast playground (a PVC canvas of 210m2 stretched over scaffolding) on which dancers, actors, aerial acrobats, painters and musicians explode, in a blooming of colours, in a succession of scenes.

Throughout the representation, the 16 artists suspended in the void construct a monumental pictorial work, to the rhythm of a ravishing musical composition.

In a blind world, a clown takes off her black glasses, and recovers her sight. By this act, she becomes the "ferryman", the one who sees the birth of forms, colours, humans, carried away by violence, crushed by violence.
In this tormented world, Orpheus and Eurydice appear, drunk with happiness. Just as in a myth, love does not escape death, and Orpheus will be plunged into "hell", the obscure kingdom here transposed into an environment corrupted with trafficking, profiteers and gamblers. He will struggle, gamble against himself, cheat and win to find Eurydice again…
"I am lost! Where are we going? Must we love each other to live?" the clown asks herself, addresses us, and thus leads us to look still higher in our quest for Love. Time is short, let's fly off on the path of our dreams, before they crumble away…

Premièred in France for the "Chalon dans la Rue" (Chalon in the Street) Festival, "Récif" was able to win over very different audiences in the course of numerous tours across Europe, Brazil, Russia, South Korea…

At each port of call, part of the text is translated and interpreted in the language of the host country, thus facilitating the support of the public for the poetry of this spectacle.


Duration: 1 hour 15 mins, 16 performers and 2 stage managers. 
Scaffolding structure (company's own) (L17m x H17m) + PVC canvas (210 m2) 
Capacity: 7000

This show "Récif" has been made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture (Department of Music, Dance, Theater and Spectacles), DRAC Theater Ile de France, ADAMI and the Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine as well as with the partnership of Seigneurie Company (painting) and the Versants S.A. Company (the alpinists of the building).

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